Syllamo Bike Trail Maps & Info


syllamo bike trailWelcome to the Syllamo (Sĭl’-lă-mō) Mountain Bike Trail. This series of interconnecting loops offers the mountain bike enthusiast 50 miles of trail, most of it single-track. The trail name dates back to an infamous resident of the area in the early 1800s. A Creek Indian named Syllamo was tolerated by the native Shawnees. His favorite hunting grounds were a particular creek drainage that was named for him. Eventually the name was anglicized to its current form – Sylamore (Sĭl’-ă-mōre). You may have noticed all the tributes to Syllamo in the area – Sylamore Creek, Sylamore Hiking Trail, the Sylamore Ranger District, and the community of Sylamore. The Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail is a fee area. The fees are kept locally to help maintain the trail and the trailhead facilities. The various loops can be accessed from four different trailheads in addition to Blanchard Springs Recreation Area. All trailheads contain a vault toilet, a bulletin board containing fee information and a map, and a gravel-surfaced parking for approximately 20 vehicles. Three trailheads are on Green Mountain Road, which is the first gravel road to the West 0.5 miles north of Jack’s Fishing Resort and one trailhead is on Arkansas Highway 5, 3.5 miles north of Jack’s (see map (pdf)). The following trail descriptions are listed in order of easiest to most difficult. Several of the trails have a lot of variety in difficulty—stretches that would be pleasant for a beginner, and then very technical stretches where less experienced should walk their bike. Trails are marked with various color blazes on brown fiberglass posts. If you are unsure about your skill level or new to the Syllamo, it is suggested that you start with the most beginner friendly trails and work your way up to the trails that contain the more technical sections. Each trail is broken down by fitness level, skill level, length, preferred route, and total elevation change on the map section of this brochure. Remember to wear your safety gear and enjoy the ride.

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